The Foresight Fundamentals programme was developed by Professor Peter Bishop, who led the University of Houston master's in Foresight program for 30 years. He also wrote Teaching About the Future with his colleague Dr Andy Hines. 

Professor Bishop is now the Executive Director of the Teach the Future, a global movement that promotes futures literacy for students and educators.



What They’re Saying

Excellent training that will allow participants to leverage rather than be overwhelmed by the future!

David Hesidence

In these times of major disruption and exponential change, finding ways to reflect on, describe and prepare for diverse potential futures is more important than ever. This course provides a great introduction to the Foresight methodology, with a good balance of instruction and hands-on practice exercises. A good opportunity to step up and out of "today" thinking.

Manon Abud

Above all, the workshop got me to see a glimpse of the future, the important aspect of foresight, NOT trying to predict it which is impossible, and how to go about it in a structured manner. Thank you.

Dominic Jean

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Passionate Educators



Senior Facilitator

Dr Peter Bishop is a Professor Emeritus of Foresight at the University of Houston.  He is also President of Foresight Fundamentals, which brings foresight to adults in the workplace, and Executive Director of its parent company, Teach the Future which does the same for young people in school. 



Assistant Facilitator

Janine Nel is a Director of Teach the Future SA, (NPO), a global movement that promotes futures thinking for students and educators. Janine is also a research associate with the Institute for Futures Research. She has a BCom Marketing degree and a master’s degree in Futures Studies from the Stellenbosch Business School.



Assistant Facilitator

Zanne is a futurist and strategic foresight practitioner, director at Teach the Future SA and workshop facilitator. Zanne is also a CA(SA) with 17 years of experience in Media and IT. She has a master's degree in Futures Studies from the Stellenbosch Business School. She is a senior research associate of the Institute for Futures Research and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.